Wednesday, October 18, 2006

unrequited desire

wanting what you will never have because it's simply not requited sucks the ass of an old chipotle salsa topped latke eater's ass.
it does.
but, what broad in her right mind would want to be with someone who wouldn't want to be with her?!
it sucks.
and, you know it.
I know it.
wanting someone I care about to be happy means more than what I might want.
life is a mother fucker sometimes.
he doesn't read my blog.


Mars said...

well, I guess that rules me out.

its okay, /she/ may or may not read your blog as well.

yournamehere said...

I want you Katie.

katie schwartz said...

oh, mullet boy, you are so kind.

mars, you could never be ruled out of anything.

Al Sensu said...

I'm confused as to what modifies what:

Is the latke chipotle salsa topped or the latke eater?

And what about a kasha knish? I don't think you can put salsa on that nor applesauce.

I guess this really wasn't the point of the post was it? I just figure if I'm uphappy I should have a knish or something.

Miss Natalie said...

Ohh i had such a crush on Marlon Brando when i saw that movie, i was too young to realsie the 'as is' brando (at the time he was alive and larger than life)

katie schwartz said...

al sensu, you are so fucking sick funny!!

katie schwartz said...

oh, I feel you, miss natalie...

katie schwartz said...

brando will always be part of the undead for me.


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