Monday, October 02, 2006

ok, creepy!

which one of you bitches emailed this to me, may i have sex with you? initials dc. do I look like I was born yesterday? huh? do I? what am I? new! hardly. I won't publish shim's email address because that's just wrong on every level. a girl has standards!


today is my favorite holiday in the world, yom kippur. it was a perfectly heebalicious day. yom follows rosh. on yom we atone for our sins. rosh hashanah is the jew-new-year. both holidays are great. love the whole, atone-in-a-day. talk about fabulous. the services are quite beautiful. one of my favorite prayers, the kaddish, prayer for the dead always tops off the service. it's just a very introspective reflective holiday. I dig that so much (ok, 70s dancing queen).

happy jew year. atone beautifully.


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yournamehere said...

I hope you had a great day.

Ms Smack said...

Enjoy your day :)

Katie Schwartz said...

thank you, muffin top (mullet boy)!

thank you, honey smack, my new clit mentor :)

Dale said...

One of my favorite days too because all my main banking Jews aren't on the train and I got room to stretch and snore. I'll repent when I get there.

Katie Schwartz said...

hey bounty boy, when did canada start integrating public transportation?


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