Saturday, October 07, 2006

amy's vicar in a tutu

amy guth's blog is one of my daily runs. love it! love her work! she's amazing. she posted a link, sex in christ, that is truly the embodiment of the fundamentalist's ability to spin ANYTHING!

check out these links:

sex in christ
oral sex and god's will
anal sex and god's will
viagra and god's will
threesomes within a christian marriage
bondage in christ
fisting and god's will

reader QandA, YOU HAVE TO READ!!!


Mountjoy said...

You have to love a text that has a heading "The Necessity of Swallowing ".... Amen.

Ms Smack said...

lol I loved the anal article :)

katie schwartz said...

mount joy, THAT IS SO FUCKING TRUE!!!!

I know, honey, right?! it just, it's too much! if that isn't the epitome of christian creativity, I don't know what is.


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