Friday, September 01, 2006

menses and more... oh joy

I am still bleeding. a lot. like there's a free gift in it for my egg if she OUT-bleeds every other menstruating twat this month.

so, on tuesday, I plugged something into one of the outlets in my kitchen and flames jutted out. yeah. I know. my slumlord sent an electrican over after I begged. he looked at it and said. "oh, yeah. there is a short. see the burned wire." ya know what he did to fix it? he didn't replace the wire of course. he put electrical tape around the socket!

if I wanted a white trash adventure in, test your life with a socket" I would've called kfed to fix it.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Nothing like a two inch band-aid on a foot long gash. Why bother to check the rest of the wiring to see if it is faulty, too? The landlord only stands to lose the building.

Last summer, the Missus found out that the water heater was about to blow up. She called 911 and the operator asked the Missus to shut it off. The fire department took care of it, pretty much against the 911 operator's wishes.

It's Pacific Gas & Electric's job to handle that, but we didn't know that at the time.

After they shut it off. the Missus called the landlord and he couldn't have been any more indifferent. Worse yet, once it was fixed, no one bothered to tell us and we spent half a day longer than the rest of the building without hot water, because we didn't know that we had to run the taps with the hot water "full on" for more than a couple of minutes.

Walking out of the building, we noticed that another unit was taking a shower, so we kept the hot water on until the damn thing worked.


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