Sunday, August 06, 2006

with a month full of cuntyness to share

madonna's good deeds and not so good deeds
While the orphanage has no religious affiliation, the center will offer programs based on Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah's children's program.

why can't these famous religious zealots, regardless of zealot affiliation just help the poor without some religious contingency clause?! why?!

it is so insulting and rude to not accept the spiritual and religious history and rich cultural traditions of other nations, tribes and cultures.



Write Procrastinator said...

I was thinking of you when I say a sticker at today. It said, "Jesus, please protect me from your followers."

non vocabulum said...

She looks like she's packing a cock. That's a straight-up tranny hoor.

non vocabulum said...

Sorry, my comment was meant for the Dr. Phil's son post.


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