Monday, August 14, 2006

tagged by crionaberry

so, I got tagged by crionaberry... you know, my dear friend, verbs. this is my first tag, too. should I feel violated? I hope this makes me cum.

10 years ago...
1. I could wipe my ass without pulling a muscle
2. I didn't pee a little when I laughed too hard
3. I was much more fuckable
4. I was hotter
5. I was thinner
6. I was fucking many men
7. I was more interesting
8. I was terminating my starter marriage
9. I still had low hanging two ton torpedo tits, but with much more interesting nipple structure
10. I wasn't a bitter, vile cunt

5 years ago...
1. I was in nyc
2. I was happier
3. I had hope
4. I had faith
5. I was fucking more puerto ricans :)
6. I was fucking more italians :)
7. I fucked someone in confession... that was hot
8. I was funny-er
9. I was cute
10. I was living between bitter cunt lane and muster some hope, bitch, way

one year ago...
my life started falling apart at the seams

5 songs I know all the words to...
1. delta dawn. hi! jew. it's like the talmud
2. the way we were... I digress
3. you don't bring me flowers anymore... heeblette that I am
4. both sides now, joni mitchell - LOVE HA
5. keep it loose, keep it tight - amos amazing lee

5 snacks I love and wish I could eat
1. white trash cheetos
2. white trash fritos
3. ginormous blocks of sharp cheddar cheese
4. ice cream
5. snack cakes

5 places I'd run away to...
1. home to nyc
2. upstate new york
3. wyoming
4. montana
5. itl-ee

5 things I'd never wear...
1. a double belt
2. copenhagen hair clips
3. scrunchie
4. leather pants
5. someone else's underwear

5 favorite tv shows... I have so many, vintage and new.
1. mary tyler moore
2. sopranos
3. sex and the city
4. love american style
5. all in the family

5 greatest joys...
1. listening to the song pavane, it makes me feel like I'm where I want to be when I'm not
2. watching my dog louie run and playing catch with him
3. the wind in my face
4. the smell of rain
5. my family and friends

5 favorite toys....
1. my vibrator
2. my percolator
3. my laptop
4. my air conditioner
5. my crackberry

5 people I'm tagging...
1. write procrastinator
2. drunken stepfather
3. mr. crowley and mrs crowley
4. lisa welchel
5. pat robertson


Write Procrastinator said...

I was wondering why all of a sudden I have like fourteen hits off of your site. Then I came and found out that I've been tagged.

Not a gentle first time, Kates ; )

Write Procrastinator said...

Good luck getting Pat Robertson to tell the public what his "favorite toys" are.

Doc said...

Lisa Welchel's favorite toy is a flexible switch. Not sure who she uses it on, that whole maiden name thing smacks of TOP to me.

non vocabulum said...

I've been dying to find a good femme-Jew blog. I think you're it. Shalom.

non vocabulum said...

How old are you? I totally relate to #1 from Ten Years Ago. This was my blog back on March 28:

"I was in the workplace crapper giving birth to a stubborn turdlet and hurt my knee crouching on a power wipe."

Sometimes I pinch a nerve in my wrist trying to get a good grip on. This week I wrenched something in my back doing a fierce twist-n-wipe at work.

Doc said...

To non vocabulum: Be sure you notify your employer - you're absolutely entitled to workman's comp benefits.


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