Saturday, June 03, 2006

she's here and she's kinda queer

this week one of my oldest and bestest friends who I've known for 25-years, called me. the conversation went like this:

l: kates, I'm bisexual.
k: good for you, you ambisextrous diva. is this a new noshing interest or have you always been keen on pussy and just never told me?
l: no. it's new.
k: care to elaborate?
l: this past year I've developed an attraction to women. last weekend when I went out with some girlfriends, this hot blonde approached me and was flirting with me. next thing you know, we're on her bed 69'ng.
k: I see. was there a working up to this (phase) or did you just mainline the taco?
l: I went straight for the pussy.
k: hey, you know what you want and you're not afraid to go for it. I think it's great. so, are you's two dating?
l: no. just fucking. I'm addicted to her.
k: this surprises you, miss ocd?!

the rest of the conversation would just bore you....


Write Procrastinator said...

"the rest of the conversation would just bore you...."

Um, if it was like the rest of the paragraph? NO.


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