Wednesday, June 07, 2006

celebrity email addresses {updated}

if I could create and dispense email addresses for political figures and celebrities, here is what they would be:

george bush:

paris hilton:

nicole ritchie:

donald rumsfeld:

dick cheney:

anne coulter:

britney spears:

jessica simpson:

ashlee simpson:

michael jackson:

denise richards:

bill clinton:

jan crouch:

pat robertson:

oral roberts:


tom cruise:

mel gibson:

dr. phil:

guest submissions welcome! come on, peeps. the below are from my besty, paint pusher

Condoleeza Rice:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Tom Cruise:

Pat Robertson:

Donald Trump:

Hilary Clinton:

**let the record show that i LOVE hil's politics and think she's fab-fab-fab. so, if I were to write hil's email address it would be::

hilary clinton:


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