Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ridiculous news headlines!

Deneuve to Attend Gay Charity Event AP - Wed May 3, 7:52 AM ET
VIENNA, Austria - French film star Catherine Deneuve will attend a gay charity ball in Vienna later this month, the event's organizers said Wednesday.

why is this news?

Prisoner Watches Daughter on 'Idol' AP - Wed May 3, 8:17 AM ET
LOS ANGELES - Watching his "American Idol" daughter from prison made the time pass faster, Clyde "Bo" Pickler says.

does it get ANYMORE country music?!

Young Harvard Author's Book Deal Canceled AP - Wed May 3, 5:13 AM ET
NEW YORK - A Harvard University sophomore's debut novel has been permanently withdrawn by the book's publisher and her two-book deal canceled after allegations of literary borrowing piled up against her.

how happy is james frey right now?!

Indecency bill on faster track WASHINGTON --
Responding to pressure from fundamentalist organizations, Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is attempting to jump-start legislation that would impose a tenfold increase on fines for indecent broadcasts, congressional and industry sources said. Frist is running a "hotline" on the version of the bill that won approval in the House last year. Hotlining is a procedure that allows the Senate to pass bills that are not expected to be controversial. Once a bill is hotlined, any senator with an objection to the bill can place a "hold" on it, which prevents the bill from being passed by unanimous consent. Hotlining also indicates that the Senate leadership is anxious to move the legislation. Groups like the American Family Assn., headed by Rev. Donald Wildmon, have been pushing for a vote on the measure. On Tuesday, Wildmon sent an "Action Alert" to members of his organization urging them to pressure senators to take a vote.

this is so shameful! harsher fines for indecent broadcasts. define indecent? this is such a perversion of the constitution. somebody needs to stand up to these christian zealots. at the very least educate them about the power of the remote control


Anonymous said...

I can just hear "Bo" Pickler sitting in his cell, playing a sad tune on his harmonica, after his daughter was kicked off the show.


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