Tuesday, May 30, 2006

IM'ng with Nicole

nicole: we stopped at the car wash
nicole: and i forced him to play a game of Mrs. Pac Man
nicole: remember that game?
katie: dude, yeah
nicole: after the first two levels, they have the little scene where pac man and mrs. pac man first meet
nicole: and i say, bitterly, "little does she know how much he will FUCK HER OVER later!"
nicole: SO BITTER
nicole: omg
katie: that's so funny
nicole: he looked at me like I was a nut case
katie: that’s a keen observation. It’s good you’re cursing mrs. pacman out
katie: because shes being a naive cow
nicole: right?!?!
katie: YEAH
nicole: pac man is an ASS in disguise
nicole: hee hee hee
nicole: pac man sucks
katie: totally. he’s a prick
katie: a big yellow testicle


Anonymous said...

"pac man is an ASS in disguise"

Well, I guess we know what the "a" stands for. Should we venture and guess that the "p" and "c" signify parts of the male anatomy? He give the guy a break, he's constantly on the run and he's sees ghosts! The only way he can make them go away is to do drugs!

He's not an ass-hat, just a misunderstood chemically-dependent video game character.


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