Monday, May 01, 2006

immigrits! the breakfast of republicans

let's get rid of the immigrants. fantastic idea!

who needs gardeners, maids, manicurists, janitors, line cooks, busboys, delivery boys, section 8 housing or inner-city slumlords.

I'm sure the triple slide community would be thrilled to take over those blue collar jobs that were so rightfully ripped from their calloused hands.

I just have two questions, how many generations will the eradication of immigrants include? and, will all property ownership default to the NATIVE americans?


Anonymous said...

I seriously wonder if there are enough skilled Americans that can do carpentry in California if this were to actually to become a felony, which it won't after November like the so-called ban Constitutional ban on gay marriage.

I do know that the fast food chains in the San Francisco Bay Area would be s.o.l.

I'm pro-immigrant with some reservations, but I do know that I would never eat at the same restaurant table in the western United States, with Lou Dobbs or any other media anti-immigrant pundit. That ain't "mole sauce" on your chicken, Mr. Dobbs.


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