Thursday, April 27, 2006

you know your life is surreal when...

you get a phone call from a 78-year-old woman requesting racy content for her phone sex website, a supplement to her monthly social security.

in her zeal to passionately convey her message, she demonstrates all of her sassy phone sex voices for you, the sultry asian, the husky african queen and the naughty catholic school girl.

the whole thing made me want to call my 86-year-old aunt fudgie and tell her I found an idyllic work from home, part-time gig for her.

she would be perfect for the role of dominatrix. she's a pushy dame from new york with more moxie in her pinky then most people have in their entire bodies.

I can just imagine her first seduction...

fudgie: whom-I-tawkin-to?
horny cock: hung stallion.
fudgie: get outta here!
horny cock: but that's my name.
fudgie: your mothah did not give you that name.
horny cock: fine. it's stanley.
fudgie: what the hell is a nice jewish boy calling an 86-year-old woman for phone sex?!
horny cock: I can't believe it's costing me $25 to lose an erection.
fudgie: and how! you think I work for free? you and geore bush, oy, so meshugana.
horny cock: can you at least say something sexy?!
fudgie: take yaself outta the house and mingle with some singles. find yaself a nice jewish girl and get married.
horny cock: CLICK.



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