Sunday, April 23, 2006

shame on you, craigslist! (update)

I love cruising the personal ads on craigslist. it's mindless entertainment.

some guy wrote an ad seeking a woman who is into the diaper fetish. you know, the whole adult-diaper-bottle-treat-me-like-a-baby, thing. whatever. it's not my thing. it's not the thing for many people. so what. who cares?! that's irrelevant.

but, here's what is relevant. some ingrown cunt hair (below) had his IP address banned from craigslist for posting his ad (below). she's just an ignorant shameful moron who has no sense.

even more horrific and egregious is that IF it's true that craigslist is advocating banning him, and DID, than craigslist is supporting and practicing censorship.

**I checked and his post was removed.**

check it out... if it's true, write to craigslist and speak out against this because it's so offensive!

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Date: 2006-04-18, 1:43PM

I am looking for an open-minded mommy or nanny who can babysit a couple hours a couple nights a week and maybe a couple hours one afternoon a weekend. Diaper changes, bottle feeding, storybook reading, and maybe shopping trips and movies would be ideal. The catch is this. Even though I am an adult, I have been under going hypnosis to be able to regress so that I can be a little boy again. But I need to find someone to take care of me. You would have alot of control and I am willing to pay a babysitting fee plus all activity expenses. This is for fun and nurturing, not for anykind of kinky sex thing so please do not get offended. If you are interested let me know and we can discuss details. If not, thank you for your understanding and have a good day!

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I Reported Mr "Opened Minded Mommies"
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Date: 2006-04-22, 9:01PM

I reported Mr Opened Minded Mommies and looks like he's been blocked from being allowed to make any more posts from his computer..... he's so sick tho I'm sure he'll just get on another computer and start posting again.... but for now we should be rid of him. But if guys see him on here again just report him to and just tell them whats going on.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i'm a programmer at craigslist. i assure you that staff wouldn't have removed that posting for being offensive or outside any sexual norms- we see much more 'outside' stuff daily.

however, this posting looks like it was miscategorized- it was in "temporary gigs" rather than a personals category, where i think you would agree it belongs. that's not grounds for taking steps like blocking the user's IP, of course, but if the user persistently posts daiper-fetish ads in that category, i imagine our customer service people would first ask him to post in a personals category, and then block him if he continued to post in temporary gigs.

in this case, i'm not sure if the user is actually blocked due to consistent abuse, or if the original poster was exaggerating by saying s/he'd had him blocked. that particular posting was "flagged down", that is, removed from the site by the action of a number of users flagging the posting as being miscategorized or otherwise prohibited- that's a process that doesn't have any staff interaction, and has generally been an effective system for keeping unwanted content off the site (of course, it has its own flaws, which we're trying to address).

finally, the charge of supporting censorship is, i think, a little misplaced regardless of the facts at hand- that is, even if we had removed the post ourselves because our senibilities were offended by his particular fetish, i don't think it's right to claim that the user had been censored, or that we're supporting censorship. to stifle the person's ability to talk about his diaper fetish in any forum- in a public park or on the street corner or on his blog, for example- would censorship make. to remove a posting on a private website is akin to asking an unwanted guest to leave your house- in this case, it would demonstrate prudishness and naïveté, but not hamper the person's right in the broader sense to communicate.

you can email me if you'd like- joshua -a t-

(also, the font size in this text box is tiny and makes things awful hard to edit).

Anonymous said...

Just went to Craigs list "Casual Encounter" in Minneapolis. Never used this list myself except for entertainment- reading it that is. Now I see many listings which have been "Flagged for Removal". Looks like censorship to me!! What a drag.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Joshua...Craigslist has now went to far with some of their banning.
They do not even warn people they are in violation which can easily be done with an email.
Also, craigslist is censoring more and more as each day and week passes.
While I also dont agree with the post mentioned...everyone has the right to just ignore it and move on.
Even with the flagging has now become outdated and flawed as you can take any 3 people and control a whole board in one city, if not many cities.
Some of these people do this based on economical reasons if someone posts something that is in competition with them.
Plus we now have just kids flagging messages for past time as they have nothing else to do...and I agree they could be out doing worse things..but thats not good for the system of craigslist, which I feel if a real competitor came along with the right marketing would put craigslist in the grave where it probably should be.

Anonymous said...

i have been banned from CL because my fat bitch ex friend was always using my computor to post her lil shit making fun of ugly hookers... i couldnt give shit away for free if i wanted to anymore...


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