Saturday, April 15, 2006

Russia May Derail Briton's Around-the-World Walk

Court Orders Deportation After Adventurer Fails to Get Passport Stamped

Anyone deported from Russia is usually barred from returning for five years -- a bitter blow for Bushby, who after seven years of walking is about halfway through his 36,000 mile trek.

The court in the settlement of Lavrentiya fined Bushby and Dimitri Kieffer, an American who helped him cross the treacherous ice bridge, 2,000 rubles ($72) and ordered both to be deported, Bushby's support team in Britain said.

Bushby set off from the tip of South America in 1998 and planned to return to Britain -- via Russia -- in 2009. The object of the trip is to follow an unbroken route on foot.

well, it's about fuckin' time, isn't it?!?!?!?! what kind of a fuckin' non-jewey moron spends 11-years schlepping through continents, so he can claim he walked unbroken terrain on foot?!

are you fuckinin kidding me?!?!

he's 37-years-old. he'll be 48. what's he thinkin' an 11-year tour by foot is really hot and will get him twice the pussy even though he's nearing that, freaking-out-about-the-prostate, age?!?!?!



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