Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Martin: More work needed on indecency

LAS VEGAS -- FCC chairman Kevin Martin told broadcasters Tuesday that an industrywide effort to get parents to control their children's viewing isn't going to satisfy the commission's efforts on indecency. A day earlier at the National Assn. of Broadcasters' annual convention here, NAB president David Fehr and former MPAA chief Jack Valenti strongly backed a $300 million campaign that informs parents about the V-chip and other blocking technology, including program ratings, that exists on their TVs. "I'm not sure that's the complete answer," said Martin, who spoke at a breakfast session at the Las Vegas Hilton. He said that FCC research found that as much as 40% of the nation's TV sets don't have V-chips or other blocking technology.

yes, the bush regime so wise, so all knowing, they know what's best for america's young minds. that's the spirit! eliminate responsibility from parents and let the government make decisions about what children watch on television. the repercussion on adult viewing privileges would be great fall out for us. fox news only. subliminal messages in those how to hunt and shoot doe, duck and bucks. hopefully we'll get a nice juicy increase in christian programming, too.

hey, SCHMUCK, if 40% of americans don't have the v-chip in their television sets has it occurred to your small, idiot saturated brain that they are informed enough to know it's NOT FOR THEM?!

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Anonymous said...

this is a test because I'm a supreme blogging template putz.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, Katie. The FCC has conveniently decided to forget that parents have the information (ratings) and tools to block any content they don't want their children to see.

This federal agency's desire to play parent sets a bad enough precedent, but what is really outrageous is that the Parents Television Council (PTC)accounts for about 90-95% of all FCC indecency complaints. How can a group that claims 1 million members possibly speak for all Americans in 110 million TV households? Not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Check out TV Watch at It was founded to give TV watchers like you and me a voice to let the government know that we will maintain the right the choose what TV shows to watch.


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