Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I hate people

It's pouring rain outside. I take louie to the park. a park ranger comes over and says to me, "your dog needs to be on a leash." I said, "I'm the only schmuck out here. what do you care?!" he says, "if you don't put him on a leash, I'm going to fine you $250.!"

the nerve of him! the fuckin' gall. the god damned audacity.

I told him to take his fine and to shove it up his ass because nobody would believe that a moron would be in the park playing catch with their dog in this weather.

he drove away.

I was victorious.


Anonymous said...

Either he's power-tripping or he doesn't want to do the paperwork if Louie bites someone. At least you refrained from, "hey Smokey, shouldn't you be preventing forest fires or something?"

Anonymous said...

right on sista!
you tell 'em who's boss!


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