Saturday, March 25, 2006

what's ugly? oh, lemme tell ya

I have this crazy eye situation that's stumped every doctor in the greater Los Angeles area for the past 7 months. it's incredibly ugly, and frustrating, but it's not permanent and it's not cancer, so it's not really that big o' deal. I'm blurry all the time; that's the worst part of it. and I wear sunglasses all the time now. and I NEVER WORE GLASSES. sun or otherwise (20/20).

still... doable. not cancer.

anyway, my latest adventure was at the jules stein eye institute. great doctors! they gave me this prescription for a gel that I put on my eyes twice a day. it looks like a man spent his love nectar all over my eyeballs. isn't that hot?! it even peels like a mask. WOW. jealous?

I decided to look up this gel. turns out it's pookie gel, metrogel. I'm using vag gel on my eyes as prescribed by an eye specialist at the institute. no wonder it looks like I've got jizz on the lids?!?!?!



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