Monday, March 06, 2006

what I did with myself this weekend.

I hosted a bachelorette soiree for my sister.

We got her a giant black cock cake with a little note that read, "let's hope your man is this dark on the inside."

Kerri's lesbian gal pals gave us an oral demonstration by eating air pussy. It was momentus.

My sister is getting married this weekend -- oy.

so, you know, I had to go shopping and get clothes. Yeah, that sucked really hard. I hate shopping. I hate being chuvvy. I hate. I hate. I hate.

I am exercising my ass off every day this week and starving myself. Healthy Shmealthy. I hate most of the people I have to see this weekend.

this weekend: white jew trash meets new york culture and arrogance

lovely. whatever.



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