Wednesday, March 15, 2006

the wedding

my sister's wedding was beautiful, truly amazing and wonderful! I had a fabulous time. my sister looked like a princess. I made a few friends. saw my flawless family. It was great. oh, and boy, did I make a show of myself walking down the aisle. I lost my bouquet and I was on ring duty, so I used the ring box as my bouquet. I also almost tripped, and screamed, "I'm ok! I'm cool!" when they asked for the rings, I said, "got it." I was so on it. In rehearsal, I really fucked that up, oh well.

I also joined weight watchers today cause I'm a fat ass fuckity fuck fuck.

Love my brothers. they were so perfect and fabulous. my dad - my mom. all great stuff.

more later. gotta work.



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