Friday, March 03, 2006


tomorrow I am going shopping for wedding clothes. ugh. I am so NOT in the mood. it's because I have challenged self-esteem at the minute. it's just not as high as it could be. I also have a fucking million things to do today, and work. I gotta work. I hate my job. it's so reprehensibly and unforgivably dull. you just don't know.

I just realized that blogger has spell check. isn't that a tasty cake wrapped in a sell by date never expires, wrapper.

alright... I'm going to my car now. shit. shit. shit. shit. mother fuck. shit. I know it's drenched. for the love of god. speaking of god, pat robertson was kicked off the christian counsel he's been a member of for 30-years because of his comments about Israel's ariel sharon and Venezuela's Ceaser Chavez.

pat's losing it. I just can't wait until we catch him with his pants down, and his cock inside some inapropriate beaver. oh, happy day!!! I know it's coming. I can feel it.



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