Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scrapbook et al.

so what the fuck? scrapbooking? there are conventions for these types of crafts. and crafts? I mean who does crafts. "Oh, you're so crafty." what a horrible thing to say to someone. why don't you just call me a plastic ice cube, coke drinking triple wide ho. honestly. I just don't get the phenomenon at all. "let's scrapbook." you know what, get yourself a nice leather photo album and instead of yuching it up with a bunch of queer ass stickers, fly in a few photos and call it a day. it's just so poor -- you know?

those who struggle financially don't need to add insult to injury.

I read lisa welchel's new journal entry. apparently, she's submitting to jc re: her weight. if god wants her to be 120 pounds or 200 pounds, she doesn't care. it's all about the lord and what he wants.


I don't pawn my weight problems off on jc. If I'm gonna have a yachna with the man, believe me, I'm gonna hock him about much bigger issues.

and this whole, I submit to him inside me.


he's inside you? really? doesn't your husband get jealous? do you call out his name when you cum? oh, wait, she probably doesn't cum. well, unless it's the lord's will.

everything is all about s&m with these born agains.

what gives?



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