Friday, December 30, 2005

the museum of menstruation

"Discover the rich history of menstruation"

Does it make me an ungrateful bitch if I fail to appreciate that in 85 years we have progressed from
sanitary aprons to menstrual pads? I keep telling myself with the advent of plugs, oh-baby-we’ve-come-a-long-way; but I don’t think so. If men retained enough water to cure a drought one week out of every month and had diabolic salt, NO sweet, NO salt, NO sweet, cravings. Followed by a week of vice gripping cramps, a cock dripping in blood and all other menstrual trimmings; our mud-fuckeree-moon cycles would last a whopping 5 minutes.

(ps) MUM (Museum of Menstruation) was created by a MAN.


Nicole said...

Oh my god - that was really funny, Katie!

Cath said...

Sure was!


Sterculian Rhetoric said...

"...NO sweet, NO salt, NO sweet, cravings. ..."

We get these all of the time. Only we phrase it:

"No sweet?, No salt?, No sweat. Just spit it out!"


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