Tuesday, October 17, 2006

new jew hater in town and SHE's on a mission from god

goddess guth emailed me an article called, jewess bashes stay at home moms that I am passing on to you, and you fucking have to read it because this is a whole new level of hate. this broad's spin on the jew's need to eradicate christianity and homemaking is so sick.

you have to read it because it's important. these are the jew-haters we need to be aware of. she is hitler dangerous.


fingers said...

Hi there Katie.
You're a very funny Jewish chick.
Are you currently seeing anyone ??
You know...I mean...professionally...

diane said...

That article offends me in so many ways I don't know where to begin.
In fact, I could barely comprehend as I was reading it.
And I'm not even Jewish, just a friend of the Jews. Everyone, really, who isn't a flaming moron. Like that "lady". Ech.

J of NYC said...

Just how stupid does one have to be to be a Jew-hating "Christian"? Christianity began as a jewish sect and its savior is a Jew! The depths of self-delusion some people will go to just so they can blame somebody else for their problems never ceases to amaze me.

katie schwartz said...

fingers. you're a fab new friend, ainchya! thanks, cookie!

I know, diane, isn't she one crazy bitch from hell?! total nutcase. very scary dame. makes me nervous.

here-here j of nyc! fuckin-a.

Mister Mxyzptlk said...

I read a bunch of her posts, hoping, just hoping, it was tongue in cheek. Sadly I don't think so. I posted a comment with sideways reference to what J of NYC said. But J, you really don't understand, they think Jesus was a Christian!!!!!!


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