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Thanks for stopping by. On All The Way From Oy To Vey, you'll find archives dating back to 2004. Damn, that's a lot of nonsense, rants and bullshit. Hey, why delete my past?! Come see me at - I'm publishing my humor essays, a few rants and other annoying things. Oh, and some updates - Good stuff? You decide. xo

No Shortage Of Stuffing Pie Hole Here, Metaphorically Speaking

I broke up with J Crew, but we got back together. I’ve noticed that a lot of Born Agains are starting to follow me on Twitter . To be clear, I don’t mean Christians or Catholics, I mean Zealarellas (zealots). I’m wondering… What part of me screams save me ? Wanna read more ? Of course you do! Kidding. If you do, fab. If not, I understand. No pressure, no guilt. I'm a freak.

Midgets, Siblings and Masturbation, Oh My

The non-sequitur post from hell. The emails I’ve received for the wrong are worth reporting: UPDATE: Received today 11/14 “I can’t poo any longer i thought my butt was stronger! but I need your help to tacke this deamen out! Juust stick your hand up there and move it everywhere until u u puulll it. Ouuuuttttt ooooo ya ya yaaaa!!!!!!!!!” I bought software from under the name Katherine. For the record, it’s Katie Louie Schwartz, mothah fuckah . Ga'head, read the rest ...

Beautiful Photography, by Susan Ledgerwood

Susan Ledgerwood Other Worldly Visual Storyteller , She’s All About YOU Susan Ledgerwood. You might know her via Twitter @ SoyGoy . You might be a “ Fan ” of Susan’s work on Facebook. If you’re not following her on Twitter or have become a fan of her work on Facebook, after reading about her and seeing her work, you will be. Read the rest and see her work! You'll plotz.

A Decision Has Been Made

I am going to cross-post on The Vey what I post on I miss it. The Vey, I mean. What's news and exciting, you ask? Posting now. Stay tuned. I have insomnia and lots to dish.


Beautiful babies, I have officially moved. I will not be deleting this blog, ever. I am in a new spot where I will be ranting and raving. You know how I do. Come visit me at . Come on, don't be shy. You can do this. We'll do it as a family. Ready. Set. Click .