Friday, December 15, 2006

secret blog

I have a new secret blog. shh. I will share when I'm ready. let's see if anyone can even find it first.

oh, please, like anyone has the time much less the desire.

it's hanukah.

happy hanukah heeblettes.

I'm off to be super jewey.



Dale said...

I tried and there is one. It didn't seem to have a soft Jewey centre though.

katie schwartz said...

I'm surprised you didn' try, or or


Writeprocrastinator said...


Hey, just how does one get in on those three?...whoa, wait a minute! No, Katie, put the Menorrah down!...urkkk

Al Sensu said...

Still looking for

Mars said...

Al Sensu said...


I'll take all three from you, sweetie!

katie schwartz said...

wp: wise ass.

katie schwartz said...

al, I loved kosherkunt. I thought it was fab. it will absolutely be used.

katie schwartz said...

like cum rags on a sunday. I couldn't resist.

that's the rest of the sentence, al.

katie schwartz said...

snatchtacular... mars! love it!!!


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